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First and only Institute under the banner GIANTS INTERNATIONAL, Giants Education Society, registered in 1989, established Giants English Medium School in 1989, duly recognized by the Govt of Karnataka, providing education facilities of Nursery, pre primary, Primary and Secondary Education.

Meaning of GIANTS

  • G enerosity
  • I ntegrity
  • A ction
  • N obility
  • T ruthfulness
  • S ervice

To educate the younger generation by establishing Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary schools and Higher Educational Institutions For the education and Training, Physical, Moral, Liberal, Scientific, Technical, Professional etc. without any caste or Creed.

To establish reading Room and Library and building of the books and subscribing dailies and periodicals useful study of the younger generation and public.

To undertake professional, Technical and management consultation for the benefits of the younger generation, without profit motive.To establish and run hostels and Gymnasiums.

To strive directly for the educational progress of the younger generation by a awarding SCHOLARSHIPS, free-studentship, prizes or by other ways and methods best suited to the needs, of caste or creed.

To carry on in General, such other educational activities as are beneficial and conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above aims and objects.

To publish books, journals in Kannada and other languages approved by the general body from time to time.

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