Message to Parents & Students


  1. Encourage your child to do home-work regularly.
  2. Provide text books and other necessary things in time.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the progress of your child, meet the Principal/ Class Teacher on the last Saturday of the month.
  4. See that your child wears clean uniform, foot wear etc. while coming to school.
  5. Al-round development of your child is our aim. Please co-operate with us in all the activities of the school.


  1. One should be attentive in the class room while the teacher is engaging the class.
  2. Recapitulation is the best method for learning.
  3. It is beneficial to read good books in your leisure time because - Books are the ware house of Knowledge.
  4. Time allotment is quite essential for studying and playing.
  5. Cultivate the habit of reading daily news paper, magazines, weekly etc. by making use of your school library.
  6. The school belongs to you. So co-operate with the school authorities in maintaining cleanliness and discipline within the school premises.
  7. Try to complete your notes on every day itself so that it will not be a burden at the eleventh hour. Further prepare for your forth coming tests and exams.
  8. Try to maintain legible hand writing.
  9. 'Plan your work and work out your plan' which helps you to build a bright future.
  10. Take part in the school prayer with devotion, zeal and reverence.
  11. Maintain punctuality and discipline at all times.

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